This last week has been filled with uncertainty after the constant attacks by the United States persecution of Alex Saab, and they have even tried to take him to the forces to U.S. soil, we present you chapter 2 of Alex Saab The Series, where you will know the whole truth of the Venezuelan ambassador to the world.

There is only one truth, and to know it we must hear it from the person who has been the protagonist; the defamations against Alex Saab continue to increase, few remember the selfless courage that the ambassador has had for Venezuela and its people.

The human quality of Alex Saab has taken him in a painful state, away from his family for more than a year now; this after his illegal detention.

The latest on Saab’s case

The government of Jorge Carlos Fonseca, was exposed with the irregularities in the case of Alex Saab; for its part, the international community premiered Alex Saab the series, chapters 1 and 2, already available on the official YouTube channel.

Chapter 2 of Alex Saab The Series presents an interesting audiovisual presentation, where you will follow step by step the true story of the special envoy and ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the African Union, who was illegally detained in Cape Verde by order of the United States.

Let’s remember that the Cape Verdean president made it very clear that it is not his responsibility nor that of his government to comply with any sentence in favor of Alex Saab; much less the UN order on the extradition process.

Recently, Alex Saab’s lead counsel at ECOWAS, Femi Falana SAN, said: “I am glad that in dismissing Cape Verde’s applications, the Honorable Court has underlined that its decision of March 15 as to the illegality of Ambassador Saab’s detention must be respected by Cape Verde.

The Defense Team now calls on the competent authorities of Cape Verde to comply with the decision of the ECOWAS Court, immediately release Alex Saab and put an end to the extradition on political grounds.”

Dr. José Manuel Pinto Monteiro, lead counsel for Alex Saab in Cape Verde, commented, “Cape Verde is known as a nation that respects its international obligations and the rule of law. I join my colleague Falana in calling on the Cape Verdean authorities to immediately end the illegal detention of Ambassador Saab, release him and allow him to travel freely to Venezuela.”

Alex Saab The Series

Alex Saab The Series is now available on the official YouTube channel of the Venezuelan ambassador; these chapters will expose all the injustice that the ambassador has suffered due to the pressure and political persecution of the U.S. government.

In the first chapter, you will be able to appreciate his story since his birth; with the arrival of his parents to the brother country of Colombia.

It also highlights his ability in the textile business started in Colombia with the help of his family, along with the projects he carried out during his probationary period in Germany.

In addition, the passion he has for philosophy and the love for helping others is made clear; holding hands with his new construction projects in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The following is the complete chapter 2 of the series of the Venezuelan ambassador Alex Saab.