Venezuela and the countries of the African continent join forces to celebrate in style the World Africa Week in Venezuela, with great technological resources and biosecurity measures, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Africa Day is celebrated on May 25 of each year, this was decreed with the objective of making known the needs that continue to face all the countries of the African continent.

Also, to vindicate all the socioeconomic advances they have achieved, including their liberation from colonialism.

World Africa Week in Venezuela

With the presence of Afro-descendant organizations and the African diplomatic corps accredited in Caracas, the XVI World Africa Week in Venezuela and the seventh edition of the Cultural Festival with the Peoples of Africa will be held from May 25 to 30.

Key spaces to honor the African heritage in the country and contribute to the strengthening of relations of peace and solidarity.

The most important thing is that the starting date of the celebrations also coincides with World Africa Day and with the creation of the Organization of African Unity, currently the African Union.

“It will be a virtual festival as a result of the pandemic, with a gigantic mobilization of more than 100 videos”.

Yuri Pimentel, Vice Minister for Africa of the Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs, said.

Venezuela has maintained strong ties among African nations; therefore, it has a permanent alternate representative of Venezuela to the African Union.

Therefore, on December 24, Venezuela sent ambassador Alex Saab as the country’s Special Ambassador in the letter sent by Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza to the authorities of Cape Verde.