In the early hours of Monday morning, the CIA broke into Alex Saab’s house arrest while he was sleeping, according to statements made by the Venezuelan ambassador defense team.

“They entered the place where Alex Saab is being held while he is sleeping; “what kind of house arrest is this? Are they going to kill him?

They further add “The court has authorized the withdrawal of the police from Alex Saab’s house arrest because more than 180 days have elapsed. And Attorney General José Landim stopped the decision to call the judges in Praia. This is a political case, of political persecution and political corruption, there is no doubt about it”.

Therefore, in the night hours they have violated the privacy of Alex Saab, under house arrest, who was also supposedly heavily guarded, the question is: What happened with this security belt, were they removed?

Among the various impressions was that the people who violated the privacy late at night were undercover CIA agents; possibly with the intention of assassinating the Venezuelan ambassador .

It is important to remember the strong ties that the Cape Verdean police also have with the American government and that recently in April, agreements were reached between the archipelago and the American country so that they could install their military personnel in the islands.

In addition, it is also worth mentioning that Cape Verde Island has been under U.S. custody since December, when the ECOWAS Court ordered the Venezuelan ambassador to be placed under house arrest, as confirmed by the dispatch of a U.S. warship named San Jacinto.