Italian model Camilla Fabri, Alex Saab’s wife, a Colombian businessman, described as “unjust” and “inhumane” the detention of her partner on the island of Cape Verde, West Africa, at the request of the United States, the country that is claiming him for alleged money laundering.

“All this is so unfair and it shatters us to think of so much pain that has been unjustly caused to you,” Fabri wrote to her husband in a letter sent to the Cape Verdean prison and accessed by the Spanish agency Efe.

The model sent the missive on behalf of herself and her daughters, Mariam and Charlie, on the occasion of Saab’s birthday, this coming Monday, December 21.

“Birthdays are moments of celebration, but this year will not be the same, we will not be able to do it because we know that you are suffering a lot,” said Camilla Fabri in a handwritten text.

The model is also concerned about the health of the businessman and assures that the Cape Verdean authorities are “ignoring the seriousness of your illness”.

Alex Saab’s wife

Alex Saab’s wife said: “I never imagined that Cape Verde, a country that presents itself as a model of decency and democracy, could treat you in such an inhumane way. You have been involved in a political game in which you had no part”.

Likewise, he affirmed that this country has not “respected the law”. She demands that the authorities allow her and her two daughters to enter the country.

“They should allow us to enter the country and not deny us entry, as they have done with our lawyers”, she said.

Finally, she said goodbye to her husband, telling him: “Everyone is fighting for you so that justice can be done. We will never give up. Happy birthday, amore! I love you so much.”