After 394 days of illegal detention in Cape Verde, Alex Saab’s wife and daughter spoke out this Sunday, July 11, calling for the release of her husband and father; who is also a Venezuelan ambassador , with the phrase of international support #FreeAlexSaab.

The Venezuelan ambassador has kept his family’s life private, away from the negative and destructive press, in recent years.

But after the non-compliance with international judgments in the case of Venezuelan Ambassador Alex Nain Saab Moran; his wife Camilla Fabri and daughter, expressed their discontent on social networks, trending the hashtag #FreeAlexSaab; to demand his prompt release and that all his rights are fulfilled.

Family separation due to illegal detention

Ambassador Alex Saab, and Camila Fabri, have been separated on a mandatory basis, due to the illegal detention in Cape Verde, last June 12, 2020; so just like them, their younger daughters, have been in expectation of the release of the ambassador .

Like Fabri, his family has been kept away, since the government of Cape Verde has kept them isolated from Ambassador Saab, after he was placed in a guarded residence on the island of the African country.

Support for the Venezuelan ambassador continues to rise; people at the international level also demand the government of Cape Verde to comply with the laws and international conventions that have been broken in this case.

On the social network Twitter daily, it is observed how Internet users express their rejection to the kidnapping and violation of human rights of Ambassador Alex Saab; positioning the hashtag #FreeAlexSaab as a way to fight for the defense of national sovereignty and human dignity.