Camilla Fabri, wife of Alex Saab, is in Cuba applying for a visa to travel to Cape Verde; in order to see her husband and also Ambassador of Venezuela, who is illegally detained.

On her part, Camilla Fabri, denounced that “nobody is giving her an answer” about the visa.

“I am currently in Cuba trying to get visas for me and my daughters, to visit my husband who has been illegally detained by his government for 16 months now”.

In her words, she was “promised” a visa and permission to enter Cape Verde and when she arrived in Cuba “everyone at the consulate in Havana says they don’t know anything about it.”

“This is outrageous given how far I have traveled with two little girls and taking into account my husband’s deteriorating health,” she lashed out.

While questioning “are they aware of what their leaders are doing to their country’s reputation? Is that the kind of behavior Cape Verde wants to be known for? I hope common sense prevails. I call on the good people of Cape Verde to put pressure on their government to show compassion and humanity”.

Likewise, former Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón, Alex Saab’s international defense coordinator, described as a “strange and incomprehensible” situation the delay of Saab’s transfer to Praia and blames the authorities for the fact that this action has not yet taken place.

Through a video, Garzón recalled that last August 31, the Constitutional Court of Cape Verde approved the transfer of Saab from Sal Island to Cape Verde for “health reasons”, who allegedly suffers from cancer.