The Ecuadorian congressman, Fernando Villavicencio, acknowledged that he is making up a fabricated file against Alex Saab, in order to deliver it to the U.S. “justice”, due to the lack of evidence for it to sustain the accusations against the Venezuelan diplomat.

Alex Saab’s fabricated file

During an interview granted to journalist Carla Angola, the Ecuadorian congressman, famous for several legal problems such as swindles, defamations and lies, assured that the report against Alex Nain Saab that he will present to the US is “very complete”.

However, this statement contrasts with what Villavicencio said when, together with sub president Iván Duque, he presented data and information about the “report” against Saab and involving senator Piedad Córdoba.

In addition to this contradiction about the existence or not of the alleged “report”, Villavicencio accused Venezuelan businessman Lorenzo Mendoza of being part of an alleged network to “launder money” established by “Chavismo and Correism” using Ecuador, Venezuela and Miami.

With these recent declarations of Villavicencio, it is confirmed, once again, that what exists against Alex Saab is a “Lawfare” promoted by imperialism, which does not forgive his efforts for the Venezuelan people.