The Venezuelan Government, in view of the extradition of Alex Saab to the United States, has labeled this action as a “kidnapping” and has strongly rejected the acts of torture, as well as the arbitrariness of keeping the Venezuelan Ambassador prisoner for 491 days, and without a court order.

Likewise, the Venezuelan Government accused the authorities of Cape Verde for their complicity in the kidnapping of Saab.

Therefore, through a statement issued this Saturday, the Venezuelan Government denounced the kidnapping of Alex Saab by the authorities of the United States (U.S.); under the complicity of the Government of Cape Verde, after confirming the extradition of the diplomat to Washington.

The Venezuelan Executive details that Saab was a victim because his detention is illegal, “they tortured him and kept him prisoner arbitrarily for 491 days, without an arrest warrant or due process, violating the laws of Cape Verde and the Vienna Convention”, they add.

“Alex Saab is a permanent representative of our Government at the Dialogue Table being held in Mexico with the Venezuelan opposition (…) The Bolivarian Government repudiates this grave violation of human rights against a Venezuelan citizen”, states the communiqué.

The Venezuelan authorities blame Cape Verde and the tenant of the White House, Joe Biden, for the life and integrity of the kidnapped diplomat, “we reserve as a sovereign nation the actions we will take”, they add.

Despite the siege by the authorities in Cape Verde, the Venezuelan Executive thanked popular movements in Africa and the U.S. for their stoic solidarity in the case of Saab; “the struggle for the dignity of this innocent man, who is assisted and protected by International Law, continues and intensifies” they conclude.

Abduction of Alex Saab to the United States

Despite the fact that the United Nations (UN) has repeatedly indicated that the detention of Alex Saab in Cape Verde was illegal, the kidnapping continued, and today, October 16, the vile and arbitrary act of extraditing the Venezuelan diplomat to the United States was consummated.

Therefore, through a report signed by four experts, the multilateral organization pointed out that the Venezuelan diplomat is a victim of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment.
Recalling that he was illegally detained at the airport of Cape Verde on June 12, 2020; within the framework of an illegal extradition procedure, instrumentalized by the Government of the United States.
When he was arrested, his immunity as a diplomat officially accredited by Venezuela to manage essential supplies, with which Caracas expected to face Washington’s unilateral restrictive measures, was violated.

The following is the official communiqué from the Venezuelan Government: