The international and national community, as well as the youth of Venezuela, have given great support to the Venezuelan ambassador Alex Saab; due to his illegal detention in Cape Verde.

It is important to point out that it has been more than 331 days since the kidnapping of Alex Saab in Cape Verde, without respecting his diplomatic immunity and all his rights under international conventions.

The release of Alex Saab has been postponed according to the latest information issued by his lawyer, Femi Falana.

“Cape Verde is under enormous pressure from the US, that is why Mr. Saab is being persecuted. I do not know if the US made a payment, I do not know if there was a payment but there are political pressures”, said Falana.

Alex Saab Venezuela’s ambassador to the world

Young Venezuelans and the world demand the immediate release of Alex Saab, since he is being held hostage by the authorities of the government of Cape Verde.

Venezuelan youth and artists took action in different states of the country to raise their voice of protest to demand the immediate release of the ambassador Alex Saab.

For their part, these young people displayed banners at the Waraira Repano in Caracas and at the Solano Fort in Puerto Cabello, to raise their petition and demand the release of Saab, Venezuela’s ambassador .

The arrest of Alex Saab was made while he was performing diplomatic duties on behalf of Venezuela.

It should be recalled that for months there has been a voice of complaint at the international level, about the violation of human rights of the diplomat and his family.

Furthermore, Cape Verde is in contempt of ECOWAS, after it granted him full freedom and ordered to compensate the damages caused against the ambassador and, consequently, against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.