Yesterday, Venezuelans through the social network Twitter, expressed messages in support of the immediate release of Ambassador Alex Saab; calling on the authorities of Cape Verde, to respect international law and the human rights of the ambassador.

The impressions and opinions of the Venezuelan people who are closely following the illegal detention of ambassador Alex Saab; in days that pass between the expected decision of the Constitutional Court of Cape Verde and the hope that justice will prevail in the world.

Alex Saab trending with the hashtag #CaboVerdeLiberaAlexSaab

Ambassador Alex Saab, was trending on the social network Twitter, with the hashtag #CaboVerdeLiberaAlexSaab, which already has more than 12,300 messages so far; where users expose the support of the Venezuelan people to the humanitarian struggle undertaken by Ambassador Alex Saab in favor of Venezuela.

In this way, users such as Alexandra, in her account @tuiteralexandra, refer that “if justice exists, it has to be for everyone; no one can be excluded, otherwise it would no longer be justice. That is why judges and #CaboVerdeLiberaAlexSaab”.

Likewise, lawyer Carlos Jose Acevedo, @carlos2015aceve, emphasizes that “the Constitutional Court of Cape Verde must rule his immediate release as ruled 2 times by the ECOWAS Court” .

For his part, Kevin M, @Kmoncada, reiterated that “today again we demand the Government of Cape Verde to release once and for all the Venezuelan ambassador AlexNsaab. There is still time to make amends for their mistake”.

Meanwhile, the group Guerrilla Feminist Guerrilla, in its account @GuerrillaFem78, points out that “this is how the right behaves, the worst thing is that CapeVerde believes that the US considers them their equals, when for them they are still their slaves”.

Finally, Venezuelan journalist Michel Caballero Palma, @MichelCaballero, refers that “hours go by and the silence of the Cape Verdean judiciary in the case of AIex Saab remains inexplicable. The truth is that the US continues to see it as a kind of trophy, in its criminal policy against Venezuela, to achieve a regime change”.