Through Twitter, they made clear their point of view on the illegal detention of Alex Saab, highlighting that the truth will triumph and justice can be done in his case, so they have positioned the hashtag #LaVerdadTriununfaraAlexSaab.

The people of Venezuela gave all their support to the Venezuelan special envoy to Iran, Alex Saab, on social networks; leaving strong messages to demand the immediate release of the ambassador to the authorities of Cape Verde.

Digital communicators, through Twitter, positioned since early hours of the morning the hashtag #LaVerdadTriunfaraAlexSaab, with which they urged the highest Cape Verdean court not to give in to the continuous pressures of the U.S. government to keep the Venezuelan ambassador Alex Said Nain Moran kidnapped and attack the Venezuelan government.

“The squalid minority cannot stand that the Anti-blockade defense is united!”, expressed the user @CoralTeresa, who thanked the ambassador; for “demonstrating his love for the homeland, you are our Special Envoy and we defend you with morals and pride from the evil Americans”, she wrote.

For his part, Kenin Núñez expressed his complete conviction of being “on the right side of History, and at this moment; we have to analyze the context of how the US has increased the pressure against Venezuela to generate the social outburst, they have not been able to bend us”.

“In the face of the blockade and sanctions we are willing to fight for the truth so that we Venezuelans win the battle. We will continue to have victories with @NicolasMaduro and @ConCiliaFlores #LaVerdadTriunfaraAlexSaab”, highlighted digital communicator Odanie Pinto, on her Twitter account, also demonstrating the resounding support of the people with the Bolivarian Government.