A case of political persecution and a detention without motive is what the defense team of Ambassador Alex Saab has evidenced at international level; in these 435 days of his kidnapping in the African country of Cape Verde.

Since his arrest, the team of lawyers that make up the defense, has delivered documents showing that their defendant Alex Saab has a diplomatic passport which makes him a person with diplomatic immunity.

“There is, as of today, no reason to maintain the detention of Alex Saab under house arrest, having already exhausted all the deadlines in each procedural phase” has expressed the defense of Alex Saab.

The case of the special envoy of the Venezuelan government Alex Saab, is an unjust and illegal arrest of a person with diplomatic status in Cape Verde since June 12, 2020.

Defense demonstrates illegal detention

The defense of Alex Saab has managed to reduce the charges against the ambassador from eight counts to one count, so it is expected that the sentence will be favorable to the release of the detainee.

It has been denounced at international level, that this case has become a political case since under pressure from the United States Alex Saab is being held in detention; due to the fact that the reasons for which he is being held have not been proven.

A UN human rights committee has urged the government of Cape Verde to stop the deportation of Alex Saab to the United States; for human rights reasons, but this recommendation was discarded.

The reasons for the detention of Alex Saab have no reason to exist, this arbitrary detention and vitiated by errors in the judicial process has emotionally and physically harmed the accused; so much so that he was granted house arrest for humanitarian reasons.

Attorney Baltazar Garzón, one of Saab’s defenders, has said that Alex Saab’s case should never have existed due to its counterproductive nature in international law.The requests made by the Cape Verdean justice have been presented within the time limits foreseen by the defense of Alex Saab, for which they consider that the reasons for his detention are absolutely null and void.

Many countries through different manifestations have expressed their disagreement with the detention of Alex Saab; and have asked for the prompt release of this detainee for considering it unjust.