This Tuesday, September 14, the Venezuelan government made public the decision to incorporate Alex Saab to the dialogue in Mexico, as informed by the president of the National Assembly (AN) Jorge Rodríguez.

For his part, Jorge Rodríguez, who will lead the group in the dialogue with the Venezuelan opposition in Mexico, also said that Alex Saab is kidnapped in the African country of Cape Verde and that they were going to put all these aspects on the table.

In the middle of a press conference at the National Assembly, Rodriguez said that; “(The team) wants to inform the public opinion of the decision to incorporate the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab as a full member of this delegation, of the delegation of the Bolivarian Government”,

It is important to remember that the Colombian businessman was detained when his plane stopped to refuel at the Amilcar Cabral International Airport of the Cape Verdean island of Sal, in response to a US request made through Interpol.

Venezuela incorporates Alex Saab

Rodriguez explained that they also want Saab to join “as a full delegate to the social table that was approved in the partial agreement for the attention of the Venezuelan people; which was signed after the end of the second negotiation cycle.

He said that they will contact Norway, the country facilitating the dialogue, as well as the two accompanying countries (Netherlands and Russia) to inform them of the decision; likewise, they will inform the head of the opposition delegation, Gerardo Blyde, of this decision.

Alex Saab kidnapped

Likewise, Jorge Rodriguez, indicated in the middle of the press conference, that Alex Nain Saab is “kidnapped in a prison abroad” and that “all international regulations” have been violated; as well as “all human rights and due process rights” of the Venezuelan ambassador.

Venezuela ratifies that Mr. Alex Saab was carrying out his duties to obtain medicines and food for the Venezuelan people when he was detained to circumvent the international sanctions, which he described as a “fierce blockade”.

Due to this, he considers that “he is perfectly qualified, due to the functions he had been performing, to be part of the delegation”.

The Venezuelan government and the opposition began negotiations last August 13, with headquarters in Mexico and which will have a new round, the third so far, between September 24 and 27.