Alex Saab, Venezuela’s ambassador to the world, has been illegally detained by the Cape Verdean authorities and is currently “kidnapped”; under illegal house arrest.

Alex Saab has been kidnapped in Cape Verde since June 12, 2020; he was passing through the African country.

It should be recalled that the Venezuelan ambassador was sent as a special Venezuelan ambassador at the time of his irregular detention; currently Alex Saab is Venezuela’s ambassador to the African Union.

In addition, this diplomatic special granted to Saab, was mainly focused on the acquisition of international supplies such as: (fuel, medicines and food) for the Venezuelan people.

Alex Saab said about his arrest: “I have been a diplomat since April 2018 as Venezuela’s special envoy for Russia and Iran with diplomatic inviolability and immunity and I demand my immediate release… I was going to Iran on an official visit in search of food. I was going to Iran on an official visit in search of food, medicines and gasoline to alleviate a crisis aggravated by the empire [.] ”

Diplomat Alex Saab kidnapped

Alex Saab is a Venezuelan lawyer, businessman and diplomat; whom Cape Verde has detained without taking into account his diplomatic immunity status. Therefore, this act constitutes a violation of all international diplomatic provisions.

Therefore, the question is Alex Saab kidnapped in Cape Verde? His arrest is illegal, with no respect for the diplomat’s human rights; in fact, the government of Cape Verde has recently denied accommodation to Alex Saab’s sister in the house where he is being held.

Also, the ECOWAS Court had issued a release order to Alex Saab; however, Cape Verde did not respect this ruling and therefore the order has not been complied with.

Recently, his defense lawyer Femi Falana, who is also a human rights defender in Nigeria, confirmed that the arrest of the Venezuelan diplomat was illegal.

“You cannot arrest an ambassador and diplomat, so Cape Verde has violated the inviolability of Mr. Alex Saab” assured Femi Falana.

He recalled that Alex Saab’s arrest took place before INTERPOL issued the “Red Notice”.