This Wednesday, the Venezuelan government, through a communiqué issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, urged the Economic Community of West African States to comply with the ruling of the Court of Justice of this organization, which orders the immediate release of Venezuela’s Special Ambassador Alex Saab, who is being held in prison by decision of the authorities of Cape Verde at the request of the United States.

Alex Saab’s case

“This decision of the high court of the Economic Community of West African States has so far not been enforced due to the refusal of the Cape Verdean government, which does not recognize the jurisdiction of ECOWAS, despite the fact that this country is part of this organization and has accepted full membership in the Court”, he denounces and recalls that this sentence was approved by this legal body with the favorable vote of all its members.

Venezuela recalled that the actions taken against the Venezuelan official “are part of the obsessive campaign orchestrated by the outgoing government of the United States against the legitimate government of Venezuela”, and advocated that the authorities of Cape Verde “comply with the decision of the ECOWAS Court of December 2” and place ambassador Alex Saab under house arrest.