International support continues to grow for the release of Alex Saab, as the powerful U.S. labor union condemns Cape Verde for the continued illegal detention of Alex Saab and demands his immediate release.

The Boston School Bus Drivers Union called for the immediate release of Alex Saab, as well as the international community’s dismay at the illegal arrest and detention of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Nain Saab Moran.

International support, USW and Alex Saab

The U.S. union condemns Cape Verde; for the continued unlawful
continued illegal detention of Alex Saab and demands his immediate release.

In its statement, the union also condemned the United States for its politically motivated persecution of both Alex Saab and Venezuela.

As well, the union has a large number of members of Cape Verdean origin who are dismayed; this according to the way in which their country of origin has allowed itself to be used as a tool for the application of U.S. aggression against Venezuela.

The statement goes on to note that Alex Saab is “a credentialed diplomat to the African Union” and that he is “battling cancer”.

Coming as it does two days after Jorge Fonseca, president of Cape Verde, stated that his nation was willing to “strengthen democracy and the rule of law” as a core value of its desire to forge “greater regional integration”; the condemnation of
Cape Verde by a respected union will be a great embarrassment to the president and Prime Minister Ulisses Correia.

Therefore, the union, which is a division of the powerful Steelworkers Union; highlights that Venezuela faces illegal sanctions at the hands of the United States similar to that suffered by 15 African nations; all members of the African Union.

Alex Saab’s role as deputy ambassador to the African Union is likely to be a uniting factor in creating a coalition of nations to confront U.S. hegemony through sanctions, the legality of which has been questioned by the United Nations in a February report.
United Nations in a February report.

Saab’s arrest has provoked the concern of the leaders of both ECOWAS and the African Union; who, however, have not yet spoken out openly to express their concern. The fear now is that if tiny Cape Verde can act with such impunity and violate centuries-old laws governing the free movement of diplomats and political agents, what is to stop more powerful nations from following suit? said the international community.

For his part, Femi Falana, the current and respected Nigerian lawyer specializing in human rights in Nigeria; he also leads Alex Saab’s defense team at ECOWAS, commented:

“Recent events in Belarus have shown that there are growing cracks in the established world order and Cape Verde must not be allowed to join in the destruction of long-established diplomatic norms.

Further to my two recent letters to President Biden; I ask him once again to show leadership and be first among equals when it comes to respecting international law and refrain from using legal warfare, i.e. the use of judicial processes to achieve political objectives.” Said the U.S. trade union USW.