According to the defense team of the Venezuelan diplomat, Alex Saab, the United States has violated the treaty in the Vienna Convention; he has an indisputable right to diplomatic inviolability, to be released and to be allowed to continue his mission (or return home) in peace”.

They also emphasize that “Saab was forced to enter the territory of the United States” and stress that “he was brought here (US) against his will and by force and is fully entitled to the immunities of his diplomatic status, including immunity against that same use of force”.

Kidnapping of Alex Saab violates Venezuela’s sovereignty

For its part, Alex Saab’s legal team, emphasizes the kidnapping of Alex Nain Saab, and what has violated the sovereignty of Venezuela and Iran.

“Every independent state has the right to send public ministers and receive ministers from any other sovereign state”.

In that sense, he argues that “such a rule could be used against the United States, which must send its own diplomats to the four corners of the world and justifiably expects them not to be abused or interfered with by other states.”

“A fundamental purpose to be respected of the Vienna Convention is reciprocity,” warns

Finally they reiterate that, by virtue of the above, the court’s order should be annulled and proceed to the immediate release of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab.