The U.S. Attorney’s Office requested the dismissal of an appeal of Mr Alex Saab, who has been detained in Cape Verde for more than a year; who has been subjected to isolation in a residence, house in prison, for wanting to help Venezuela, in view of the criminal blockade imposed by the U.S. country.

The Department of Justice considers that the Court of Appeals of the Eleventh Circuit, based in Atlanta (Georgia), lacks “jurisdiction” to deal with the appeal filed by Alex Saab’s defense against a ruling of a Miami judge that qualifies him as a “fugitive from U.S. justice”.

“This court must dismiss Saab’s appeal for lack of jurisdiction”, states the document of the Prosecutor’s Office, to which Efe had access.

Last April 1, Saab’s defense requested “to annul the order conferring him fugitive status”; according to court documents to which EFE had access this Wednesday.

For their part, Saab’s lawyers insist that the Atlanta court does have jurisdiction over the appeal; in a document they filed this month with the court.

“This court has jurisdiction over the order effectively denying diplomatic immunity and should consider this appeal,” the defense states.

Saab has been detained in Cape Verde since June 2020 and his extradition to the United States was approved last March 17 by the Supreme Court of Justice of that West African island nation.