The government of Cape Verde in complicity with the United States, plan to force the departure of Alex Saab; the ambassador defense has denounced.
Despite the requests made by Saab’s defense, Cape Verde has refused to comply with ECOWAS orders and UN requests; ECOWAS has ruled that Alex Saab must be free; and consequently, the UN has expressed itself in favor of the ambassador , which has said that the extradition process is illegal for Mr. Saab.

The United States plans to take Alex Saab

Therefore, sources close to security forces that keep guarding the domicile where Alex Saab remains, have leaked an irregular information; which indicates that a plan orchestrated by the United States and Cape Verde, to forcefully remove the ambassador and take him to North American lands, is advancing.

“This violent action, they warn, intends to be executed during the early hours of the morning.” Sources close to the security forces indicated.

Liberation campaign

The campaign for the release of Alex Saab has been strongly echoed by voices from around the world, as well as the pronouncement of very high level international instances, who have demanded the immediate release of the Special Ambassador of Venezuela to the government of Cape Verde.
On the other hand, international entities, lawyers, prosecutors and the ECOWAS court have considered that the arrest of Alex Saab has been illegal and unfounded, for what Mr. Alex Saab and his defense consider a kidnapping.

Let us recall that in a recent interview for the international news network CNN, which was conducted via an exchange of letters, Saab warned that “if I am extradited to the United States, every independent expert is categorical: I will be exposed to forced interrogation techniques, torture, ill-treatment, an unfair trial, inhumane detention conditions and cruel punishments”.

If this plan comes to fruition, it would be perpetuating U.S. supremacy that punishes those who refuse to obey its whims and voluntarily surrender their resources. It is important that the entire planet remains alert and echoes this terrible denunciation that endangers the sovereignty of all the peoples of the world.