Venezuelan Ambassador Alex Saab sent a series of notes, where he highlights the pressure exerted by the U.S. Government, as well as the violation of his human rights; diplomatic immunity and respect for international law; in addition to the series of constitutional irregularities to maintain his kidnapping.

The group of lawyers of the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab shared a series of notes sent by the ambassador kidnapped for more than a year in Cape Verde; who expects, together with the international community, the decision of the Constitutional Court and his immediate release, in the next few days.
Alex Saab: United States pressures Cape Verde in the decision of the Case

“Cape Verde has not decided yet because, in spite of having all the terms expired, having clear knowledge that they have violated innumerable laws; the fact of having now to violate their Constitution completely in order to extradite me, is shocking the conscience of the up to now upright judges of the Constitutional Court, who are strongly pressured by the United States. In Cape Verde, its President, the Prime Minister, the corrupt Attorney General and even the humblest of the people, know and recognize that I am kidnapped.

Likewise, he addresses those who imagine the continuity of the process against him, stressing that “for those who dream that if I am extradited my speech or integrity will change, let me damage their illusion. My integrity does not vary with the climate or the type of torture. Venezuela is sovereign. It is the homeland that adopted me. It is the one all decent people fight for and we do not go around the world lying and asking for sanctions against the people”, reiterated Saab.

Finally, Ambassador Alex Saab assures that “Venezuela will win this battle, whether in Cape Verde or in the United States; we will win and I hope to see the sanctions end soon and continue to give priority to the people who need at least 30 more years of electoral victories, led by a people united around the PSUV; and our President Nicolás Maduro Moros. So stop the excitement saying -that the plane did arrive, that if it did not arrive, that if they extradite me I will sing like a tenor- etc…Lose that ridiculous illusion, first because there is nothing to sing about and second because as I have said many times, I will never betray the Homeland I serve”.