The U.S. Department of Justice dismissed the charges against Alex Saab, due to the absence of evidence to prove the accusations.

Therefore, the Venezuelan diplomat’s defense has pointed out that with this decision, seven of the eight charges that the U.S. Attorney’s Office has brought against Alex Nain Saab are dropped.

Regarding this suppression, it is clear that the prosecution lacks evidence linking Alex Saab to illicit activities.

Alex Saab’s defense team detailed that the charge of “conspiracy to legitimize capital” is still maintained; which the prosecution will have to prove before the court the alleged existence of an organization to commit the act.

Likewise, the motion was presented this Monday by the U.S. Attorney Kurt Lunkenheimer, who requested the withdrawal of the 7 charges based on the “guarantees made to the Republic of Cape Verde during the extradition process”, which took place last October 16 with Saab’s arrival in Miami.

This request was made on the same day that the arraignment hearing against Alex Saab was scheduled and was postponed to November 15. His attorney, Henry Bell, said he hopes to meet personally with Saab at the federal prison in South Florida now that the defendant has completed his mandatory quarantine for the measures imposed by the coronavirus.