Recently, lawyer Baltasar Garzón, member of Alex Saab’s defense team, informed about the delay of the Ambassador’s transfer to Praia, which compromises his health. He therefore urges ignorance of the reasons why the National Police of Cape Verde has not complied with the decision of the Court of Appeals of Barlovento.

It should be recalled that on August 31 of this year, the Court of Appeals of Barlovento would have granted permission for the immediate transfer of Alex Saab to Praia, for health reasons. Therefore, such permission has not been granted by the Cape Verdean authorities.

Through a video posted on his Twitter account, Garzón recalled that, since August 31 of this year, “the Court of Appeal of Barlovento agreed to the immediate transfer of the diplomat, His Excellency Alex Saab, from the island of Sal to Praia, due to his deteriorating health condition, his precarious health, the extreme and delicate conditions in which he finds himself so that he can receive medical assistance”.

Likewise, Garzón highlighted the pretension of the Government of Cape Verde to reach even more extreme situations in the violation of International Law and human rights; for which he pointed out that the small African nation is in the sights of international organizations and the international community.

“We do not know the reasons why the transfer of the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab has not been carried out. Unless, it is intended to break to unacceptable limits for International Law, for human rights and for the health, probably irremediably of Alex Saab”.

Finally, Garzón demanded, on behalf of Alex Saab’s international defense team “that this situation cease immediately; that the transfer be ordered and that he be duly attended by specialized doctors and by doctors he trusts, thus complying with the court’s order”.