Francisco Torrealba, deputy to the NA for the Psuv, member of the team appointed by President Nicolás Maduro, spoke about the incorporation of Venezuela’s envoy to the African Union, Alex Saab, to the dialogue held in Mexico between the national government and extremist oppositions. He highlighted that Saab “is one of the people who has done the most in terms of helping the financial and economic engineering processes that have allowed the Venezuelan people to meet their needs in spite of the criminal and genocidal sanctions”.

In the latest news of Ambassador  Alex Saab, the dialogue in Mexico and his incorporation have stood out; therefore, Torrealba explained that Saab, who in spite of his status and in flagrant violation of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations; has been detained in Cape Verde for more than a year “knows about attending to the social needs of the Venezuelan people because he helped the country to buy medicine, food and fulfills these functions for the national Government”.

The Deputy used the aforementioned as a basis to support the importance that such designation “can be fully complied with and exercised” by Alex Nain Saab.

He emphasized that “the delegates of each one of the parties are decided and appointed by each one of the parties” and that it is not “a matter that has to do with the other party… the other party has its delegates and there are people of all kinds”, he assured.

He indicated that he preferred “not to delve into possibly unnecessary descriptions, because everybody knows who are on the other side; who have tried to carry out coups d’état, assassinations, invasions… who have asked for unilateral coercive measures to be imposed on Venezuela”, he said.

“We are incorporating people who know how to agree on measures that help solve the problems”, he emphasized.