After the non-compliance with international judgments in the case of the Venezuelan ambassador, the people of Venezuela; demonstrating their great support for Alex Saab, expressed their discontent on the social network Twitter, trending the hashtag #FreeAlexSaab, to demand his prompt release and that all his rights are fulfilled.

Support for the Venezuelan ambassador continues to rise, people at the international level also demand the government of Cape Verde; that they comply with the laws and international conventions that have been broken in this case.

Support for Alex Saab is trending on Twitter

This Wednesday, June 30, users of the social network Twitter positioned the hashtag #FreeAlexSaab and #LandimRenunciation, regarding the statements of José Landim, Attorney General of Cape Verde, who affirmed that “the requests of the UN Human Rights Committee should not be complied with”. Therefore, the impressions of users on Twitter, on this point, demand the immediate resignation of the prosecutor Landim.

In this social network, it is observed daily how Internet users express their rejection to the kidnapping and violation of human rights of Ambassador Alex Saab, positioning tags related to the case, as a way to fight for the defense of national sovereignty and human dignity.

Below are some of the twitters in support of Venezuelan Alex Saab.

@FabianoDicciani, posted that “the Cape Verdean Government must by obligation comply with the requests for provisional measures of art.5 of the Optional Protocol presented by the UN Human Rights Committee”.

Meanwhile, @irr644 wrote: “Cape Verde, an African country known for its democratic trajectory; with the case of Ambassador Saab it has become highly dangerous for its contempt of the Court’s sentence”.

Likewise, @dpiloncita emphasized that “Authoritative voices in Human Rights warn about the crime of kidnapping committed by Cape Verde against Alex Saab”.

Ecowas-Cedeao Sentence

On Tuesday night, the demand for compliance with the Ecowas-Cedeao sentence, given on March 15 and ratified on June 24 of this year, also became a trend with the hashtag #RespectEcowas.

@MichelCaballero, a renowned Venezuelan journalist, assured through his official account that “more than governments, the peoples of Africa remain in expectation; they are waiting for Cape Verde;to finish accepting as binding the decision of the @ecowas_cedeao, in the Saab case. The contrary would bring serious precedents, and they know it”.

For his part, user @carlos2015aceve wrote: “@afribar welcomes the decision of the UN Human Rights Committee; regarding Venezuelan ambassador Mr. Alex Saab, (…);he should not be extradited to the US and should be released now”.

Next, the user @GuerrillaFem78 expressed that “Venezuela is sanctioned for existing, for wanting to be free from the imperialist yoke, Cape Verde disrespects our sovereignty; being an accomplice;of the sanctions by kidnapping Ambassador Saab, also disrespecting the decision of @ecowas_cedeao”.