Today was released the trailer of the second season of Alex Saab The Series, it is now available for all its users; on the official YouTube channel of the ambassador.

The first season of Alex Saab The Series, had an excellent reception, there were 5 chapters where users saw the reality of the ambassador; from his early work in the sister republic of Colombia, until his illegal detention last June 12 in the African country of Cape Verde.

The work of the governments of Venezuela and Iran was also observed, sending letters and communiqués in protest of the detention; asking that his diplomatic immunity be respected and that he be released.

In addition, it was possible to observe the pressure that his family is under, the great irregularities in his case, such as the document that was sent for his arrest where the first three pages were missing and in the name of someone who was not Alex Saab.

Alex Saab The Series Season 2 Trailer

Alex Saab The Series has kept all its users in expectation, for all the details that have been released in the case of the Venezuelan ambassador, kidnapped on the African island of Cape Verde.

So after the shocking 5 previous chapters, the long awaited trailer of the second season Alex Saab The Series arrives; where you can see the work done by his defense team for his release and expose the real reasons of the U.S. government and Cape Verde.

The audiovisual shows the current situation of the ambassador Alex Nain Saab Moran and the intense torture he has been subjected to in order to make false statements against the Venezuelan government.

Below is the full trailer of the second season of Alex Saab The Series.