Following the most recent pronouncement by the Russian Federation’s Foreign Ministry on the current situation of Venezuelan Ambassador Alex Saab in Cape Verde, a Russian ship has arrived in the African country.

The anchorage of the ship and support vessels in the port will last two days; in order to replenish water and food supplies. They will also take a break from the sea voyage on shore.

En route to Cape Verde, the crew of VPK “Vice Admiral Kulakov” conducted a submarine passage search along the passage route in the Atlantic Ocean.

On September 23, the detachment entered the Atlantic Ocean from the Mediterranean Sea through the Strait of Gibraltar.

The “Vice Admiral Kulakov” departed from the main base of the Northern Fleet in the city of Severomorsk on June 28; it has traveled about 15 thousand nautical miles to date.

Russia speaks out and denounces arbitrariness

Ambassador Alex Saab has been in Cape Verde for more than a year; just when he was illegally detained in violation of his human rights and international law.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has recently issued two statements rejecting the illegal arrest of Special Envoy Alex Saab.

Last September 10, spokeswoman Maria Zsakharova denounced Washington’s pressures to request that Cape Verde hand over the Venezuelan Ambassador Alex Saab in exchange for economic favors.