Russia issued a statement rejecting all actions taken against Venezuelan Ambassador Alex Saab, who remains detained in Cape Verde Island.

Through a press release Russia rejected all actions taken in the case of the Venezuelan Special Envoy Alex Saab; detained last June 12 while he was on a special humanitarian mission en route to Iran.

The statement was published on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, regarding the situation currently being experienced by Ambassador Alex Saab in the African island of Cape Verde, due to an extradition request presented by the United States.

Recalling that Cape Verde, when detaining irregularly, due to the fact that the red alert order was issued the next day, after being arrested. With such action the Cape Verdean country, broke the international rules, where diplomatic immunity is involved, by overlooking this position assumed by Alex Saab in Venezuela.

Russia pronounces itself in the case of Alex Saab

After the illegalities denounced by the defense of the ambassador Alex Saab, Russia pronounces itself on the case; and argues that, although, capturing in third countries “under charges invented by the US police agencies” has become a “business card” of the US; with the case of the Special Envoy a “disastrous” precedent is created for the extradition of an authorized person with diplomatic status.

For this reason, Russia “strongly condemns these actions, whose politicized background raises no doubts” and warns that the US authorities’ attempt to obtain the extradition of a diplomat to a third country may have a negative impact on international relations and “is fraught with a ‘boomerang effect’ for any country”.

The following is the content of the statement issued by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

We would like to draw your attention to the appalling situation around Venezuelan special envoy Alex Saab; who in June 2020, despite holding a diplomatic passport, was detained for an extradition request to the United States during a technical landing of his plane in Cape Verde.

The practice of capturing citizens of other states, including the Russian Federation, in third countries on charges; invented by US law enforcement agencies, has become a notorious “calling card” of the United States. Now in Washington, apparently, they decided to “move to a new level”, creating a disastrous precedent for the extradition of an authorized person with diplomatic status.

We strongly condemn these actions, the politicized background of which is beyond doubt. We consider unacceptable attempts at extraterritorial application of U.S. law, including to settle political scores with “objectionable” governments through repression against their officials. At the same time, the humanitarian nature of the activities of Alex Saab, who undertook a mission to receive assistance in the fight against coronavirus infection, is ignored. This once again highlights the double standards of Washington, which tirelessly criticizes the government of Nicolás Maduro for “the suffering of the Venezuelan people“.

We are convinced that the desire of the US authorities to obtain the extradition of a ambassador; to a third country can have the most negative impact on international relations, and is fraught with a “boomerang effect” for any country; including the United States itself, as well as other States involved; in dangerous games with international law.