After learning of the ruling by the Cape Verdean authorities last Tuesday, Russia today made a statement through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, rejecting the unconstitutional process being brought against Alex Saab.

Maria Zajarova on behalf of Russia stated that there is “a clear projection of the line to ‘end’ the Saab case; and link it to the current dialogue process in Mexico”. According to her words, Washington “basically tries to use Saab as a lever of additional pressure” on the Venezuelan authorities; while the envoys of the Venezuelan government and opposition address the important issues. “We see in this a serious threat to the efforts of the parties to work out mutually acceptable paths for the further development of that country,” he reiterated.

Russian statement on Alex Saab case.

The spokeswoman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, declared this Friday that the persecution of Venezuelan businessman and ambassador Alex Saab is “politically motivated”.

The spokeswoman indicated that, following the arrest of Alex Saab in Cape Verde, “Washington has exerted strong pressure on the Cape Verdean authorities and the judicial system of that country in an effort to achieve his extradition”. “We qualify as politically motivated the criminal proceedings against Saab, who has diplomatic status and was carrying out a humanitarian mission,” she stressed.

In addition, the spokeswoman emphasized that Russia, which plays the role of mediator in the Venezuelan internal dialogue, calls on the international community; to promote the creation of a favorable and constructive environment. At the same time, it expresses concern about actions of some external actors that “create risks of undermining the fragile trust” reached between the participants in the negotiations.

For its part, the Venezuelan Government maintains that the alleged judicial scheme is one more piece of Washington’s aggressions against the South American country. In this sense, Saab denounces that the whole process against him “has a political motivation”, which is “to overthrow President Maduro and bring Venezuela to its knees”.