The leader and human rights activist of the Democratic Republic of Congo Ronald Lumumba, expressed his support for the Venezuelan Alex Saab; asking the authorities of Cape Verde for his immediate release.

“We view with dismay the arrest of a Venezuelan diplomat in an African country, in Cape Verde, and it is not because he violated the law, it is for not forgetting the poor, the needy of his country”, the leader pointed out.

Likewise, Lumbumba, who is the son of the independence hero Patricio Lumumba, sent a profound message to the entire African community, highlighting his sense of justice.

“I ask you, all Africans, all men and women who love justice, to support the Venezuelan diplomat; for his release, for justice to be done, because our friend, our brother, did nothing wrong”.

Likewise, he refers that a large part of the Venezuelan population suffers the consequences of the criminal economic blockade; imposed by the United States, “in Venezuela there are people who die because of the blockade, there are children who suffer”, as is the case of the hundreds of girls and boys whose medical treatments, which were assumed by the Simón Bolívar Foundation, attached to Citgo, were suspended, after the PDVSA subsidiary was seized and administered by the self-proclaimed Juan Guaidó, thus failing to comply with the subsidies in health matters.

Finally, Ronald Lumumba addressed to those who defend human rights in the world, “all militants do what is necessary for the release of Alex Saab“.