Alex Saab, who is a Venezuelan diplomat and illegally detained in Cape Verde, under the orders of the United States, was kidnapped for the second time by the Biden administration during the dialogue in Mexico held by the opposition and the Venezuelan government. 

In view of this fact, Venezuela closed the dialogue in Mexico, quoting a communiqué, which expresses the qualification of the fact of the alleged extradition to the United States: “the Executive of Nicolás Maduro qualified the extradition of Saab as a “kidnapping” by the United States, “in complicity with the authorities of Cape Verde”.

As Alex Saab’s 50th birthday was being celebrated, Engineer Roi reminded that the United States has a special envoy from Venezuela illegally detained and his name is Alex Saab, and he should be released immediately.

The engineer Roi lopez Mata, “today December 22 has made public his discontent for the kidnapping of Alex Saab, by the United States”. 

“The United States has a special envoy from Venezuela illegally detained. His name is Alex Saab and today is his 50th birthday, and he should be released immediately”, said Roi Lopez Mata.

He also recalled that the dialogue was truncated by the kidnapping of Alex Nain Saab and taken to the United States, in violation of all international diplomatic laws.

Therefore, through the social network Twitter, the engineer, left a comment posted that reads; “They try to make it look like Alex Saab is a traitor or a “snitch”. But why did they torture him for almost 500 days in Cape Verde?

Traitors are not tortured, they live like kings in the US: Garcia Plaza, destroyer of @lanuevaconferry, Cliver Alcala, Op Gideon coach.

Alex Saab kidnapped by U.S.

The Special Envoy of Venezuela, Alex Saab, has been kidnapped for 558 days; likewise, the diplomat remains firm in his unrestricted and unbendable character before the pretensions of the U.S. government.

Recalling that Saab was illegally detained in Cape Verde on June 12, 2020, under a strategy orchestrated by the United States and in conspiracy with Cape Verde.