The support for Special Envoy Alex Saab has been heard internationally, today during the trial of the Ambassador’s appeal, hundreds of people gathered in the vicinity of the Constitutional Court, in Praia; demanding the release of the Ambassador, who has been detained in Cape Verde since June 2020.

People with signs in hand, filled with phrases such as “Free Alex Saab“, “We want justice for Alex Saab”, “Stop the abuse for Alex Saab” and “Freedom for Alex Saab”, expressed their support and clamored for the freedom of the Venezuelan Ambassador.

In this sense, the demonstration, mostly composed of young people from the city of Praia, took place in the vicinity of the Constitutional Court; however, the demonstrators were detained by the police and are located in Homem de Pedra, in Chá de Areia, a subdivision of the city of Praia on the island of Santiago, according to local media information.

Venezuelans in support of Alex Saab

Let’s remember that in previous months Venezuelan youth and artists took actions in different states of Venezuela to raise their voice of protest to demand the immediate release of the Venezuelan ambassador.

In the state of Carabobo, the meeting was at the Solano Fort or Solano Lookout, which is located in the San Esteban National Park, in the city of Puerto Cabello, in the Venezuelan state of Carabobo.

In the capital city, they met in the representative Waraira Repano, known by all Venezuelans as El Ávila National Park.

International support for Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab does not stop, large demonstrations of affection and justice are presented daily in sister countries; demanding his prompt release, with phrases like #FreeAlexSaab.

Baltazar Garzón one of Alex Saab’s defenders has indicated and denounced a series of irregularities; which were executed from the very moment of his defendant’s detention; alleging that the businessman had diplomatic immunity, since Saab is a special envoy of the Venezuelan government for Iran and Russia.

Expressions of support from the international community to ambassador Alex Saab

As it is known, the plane in which Ambassador Alex Saab was traveling, made a stop in the African country to refuel; but was detained by the Cape Verdean authorities, at the request of the government of the United States.

The UN Human Rights Committee urged the government of Cape Verde to stop the extradition of Saab to the United States, but this recommendation was discarded by the Cape Verdean authorities.

The Bolivarian government of the Republic of Venezuela has also spoken out strongly in favor of the release of its special envoy; welcoming the support given by the UN Human Rights Committee to the release of Alex Saab.

There are forty-seven nations that have manifested themselves before the outrages committed against this businessman; violating in a ferocious way his human rights, being so that the defense, due to an existing cancer, requested house in jail.

Marches, support from intellectuals, collection of signatures and murals are some of the actions that several countries have taken to express their support for the release of Alex Saab.

Russia is another country that has strongly raised its voice in this case by publishing a communiqué from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

On the other hand, Saab’s defense has at all times pointed out the irregularities committed in the detention of the Colombian.