Since the second kidnapping of Alex Saab, carried out by the United States, the international community, governments, senators, among others, have expressed their discontent with this violent action against a diplomat, such as Mr. Alex Saab, who is a businessman and also a Venezuelan diplomat.

For her part, former Colombian senator Piedad Córdoba, who participates as international observer in the regional and municipal elections to be held this Sunday in Venezuela, assured that the kidnapping of diplomat Alex Saab “brutally violates” the dialogue process between the Bolivarian Government and the oppositions of the South American nation.

“The President is absolutely right in the disagreement he has shown regarding the kidnapping of Alex Saab, which is a violation of international humanitarian law, a violation of the Vienna Convention”, said Córdova regarding the illegal actions carried out by the United States (U.S.) Government against the Venezuelan Special Envoy.

He also expressed his surprise that a country, in this case the U.S., “would make such a decision, which brutally violates the possibility of dialogue”, he lashed out.

He indicated that, although the Venezuelan head of state is moving towards the reestablishment of the dialogue, “he will surely continue insisting on the release of Alex Saab”, he emphasized.

Likewise, he expressed that the President of Colombia, Iván Duque is obliged to recognize the electoral result in Venezuela.