A federal judge ordered the U.S. Attorney’s Office to investigate the media that illegally took and published photos of Alex Saab, in the middle of a Zoom hearing.

Judge Robert N. Scola Jr. also emphasized in the ruling that he will not limit in-person hearings to avoid such problems, considering that this type of incidence is occurring because of the pandemic.

“The court intends to conduct all proceedings in this action in person. Accordingly, any additional risk of improperly photographing the videoconferencing proceeding is non-existent,” the judge stated in the ruling.

Illegality of publication of photos of Alex Saab‘s hearing

Consequently, the judge specified that he “grants in part and denies in part”; therefore, the motion filed by Saab, who requested to limit the media covering the case; in order to prevent them from taking pictures, as occurred in the first hearing, last October 18.