Alex Saab is a humanist patriot who has put himself at the service of Venezuelan diplomacy, to give the greatest support to the Venezuelan people.

Born in Barranquilla and naturalized Venezuelan, Alex Nain Saab Moran, besides being a humanist patriot, is a business administrator by profession, a loving family man and husband of the beautiful Italian Camilla Fabri. “I am a proud son of Barranquilla and the proud son of Lebanese and Palestinian immigrants. However, I am just as proud and honored to be a Venezuelan citizen who has been able to give back to the country and the people what they have given me so much,” he told the Russian media RT in an interview a few months ago.

In the midst of this case that has gone around the world due to the seriousness of Cape Verde’s violation of all international human rights and diplomatic agreements, in addition to physical and psychological torture, Alex Saab has had to live through very hard times: without receiving the oncological treatment he needs, without being able to say goodbye to his parents who died of Covid-19 barely a week apart, without being able to have contact with his sister who traveled to the archipelago because house arrest allows family accompaniment, without being able to communicate with his wife or his five children and being the victim of a cruel smear campaign wielded by right-wing media companies.

However, he remains unbending, demonstrating an irreducible patriotism and the humanist spirit that drives him to risk his own life for the Venezuelan people. Since 2000, he has been part of that private business sector that has not been afraid to support the Bolivarian Revolution. In 2011, he joined one of the great bastions of Commander Chávez: the Gran Misión Vivienda Venezuela; and in 2015, he supported the National Government as one of the many suppliers of the social welfare food program CLAP (Comité Local de Abastecimiento y Producción). With these efforts (in which he was able to prove to be an effective professional in the tasks entrusted to him, delivering important projects on time and within the established budget), he became a key tool to circumvent the onslaught of the economic blockade and the coercive and unilateral sanctions imposed on Venezuela by the US and its allies. That is why he was appointed special envoy by the Bolivarian Government and deputy permanent representative to the African Union.

“I was honored and grateful to be appointed special envoy of the Government of Venezuela, in April 2018, to continue collaborating in the supply and provision of basic food and medicines, a role that has become more important since the beginning of the pandemic,” Saab assured, recalling that the “economic blockade of Venezuela, has meant that many companies that would be happy to negotiate with the country have been forced to withdraw from business initiatives. This has made it necessary to seek solutions to create new supply chains, logistics, financing and trade relations, often with companies and countries that historically would have been left out of the Venezuelan market, due to the presence of U.S. companies. This was especially true in the food, pharmaceutical and consumer goods sectors.

The campaign demanding his immediate release has taken off around the world, joined by great personalities such as Alfred de Zayas (appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council), Noam Chomsky (American activist “the most important contemporary thinker” -New York Times-), Ignacio Ramonet (Spanish journalist and UN consultant), Mario Silva (politician and host of the Venezuelan program La Hojilla), Bishop Filipe Teixeira (Cape Verdean leader of the Diocese of San Francisco, Catholic Church of the Americas), Antonio Tavares (Cape Verdean Presidential candidate), United Steelworkers Union (USW) of Boston (powerful US union), Vijay Prashad (intellectual and director of Tricontinental), Medea Benjamin (US activist and co-founder of CODE PINK), Max Blumenthal (US journalist, established The Grayzone), Dan Kovalik (US human rights lawyer and La Paz activist), Steve Ellner (professor of economic history and political science), Ben Norton (US journalist), Jose Pertierra (Cuban lawyer), Sara Flounders (US activist, senior leader of the International Action Center), among many others.

It is evident, then, that as the Venezuelan ambassador stated: “Here we are not only talking about Alex Saab, the whole process of unfounded accusations by the U.S., even my detention in Cape Verde and the physical and psychological torture to which I have been subjected, everything has a political motivation. Extraterritorial judicial extraterritorial extradition for political reasons, nothing more and nothing less than to overthrow President Maduro and bring Venezuela to its knees.”

Despite this hard battle he has had to face, he keeps hope alive: “I will continue to place my faith in the Almighty and trust that He will make sure I come out of this nightmare bloodied, but unbendable”.