The open letter from the defense of Alex Saab addressed to the President of the Republic of Cape Verde; after his pronouncement on his position regarding the extradition case of the Venezuelan ambassador , who assures that he has no power to intervene.

The President of Cape Verde, Jorge Carlos Fonseca made a pronouncement on the case of the ambassador Alex Saab; and assured that he has no power to intervene in the extradition process and guarantees that they will not do so.

Thus then the voice of a President who has no power and leaves in a deplorable position his leadership and judgment in his country; leaving a glimpse of his surprising words of a President who already for the third time washes his hands and leaves the matter to the courts.

It should be noted that the Cape Verde courts have repeatedly violated treaties from previous years; that apparently they did not handle the case well since they do not recognize the status of the ambassador Alex Saab.

Furthermore, a week ago the Attorney General made it clear that the case is political and that it should be up to the executive to make the decision whether or not to extradite him to the US.

Cape Verde once again demonstrates that there is no position on the matter and no one is taking responsibility for the mistakes made; or rather it makes it clear that the US is pushing for no one to speak out. Furthermore, that Cape Verde continues not to abide by the order of the United Nations and the African High Court of ECOWAS.

Part of the open letter from the defense of Alex Saab

The Human Rights Committee responds strongly to these false excuses for circumventing respect for human rights: “The executive branch which usually represents the State party at the international level, which includes before the Committee, cannot point to the fact that an action incompatible with the provisions of the Covenant was carried out by another branch of the state as a means of seeking to exempt the State party from responsibility for the action and the resulting incompatibility. This understanding follows directly from the principle contained in Article 27 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, according to which a State Party “may not invoke the provisions of its internal law as justification for its failure to perform a treaty”.”

Mr. President, during your visit to the ICC in December 2018, you said that “Cape Verde, as a democracy and rule of law, is always with justice, respect for international law, democracy and freedoms.” The eyes of the world are on you and Cape Verde. The United Nations is watching. Africa is watching. The European Union is watching. The United Nations is asking you to show humanity and compassion. We respectfully ask you to show courage, leadership and uphold the good name of the Republic of Cape Verde.

The defense team of H.E. Alex Saab

Carta abierta de la defensa del diplom√°tico Alex Saab al Pdte. de Cabo Verde