Nicaragua labeled as “barbaric” the extradition of Alex Saab to the United States, and also offered support to Venezuela.

For its part, the government of President Daniel Ortega, since his return in 2007, has remained close to the government of Venezuela, which has expressed its position on the extradition of the ambassador Alex Saab, who was kidnapped in Cape Verde, bound for the United States.

“Our solidarity with our Venezuelan brothers, with Nicolás Maduro, with all the comrades of the leadership of the party with the kidnapping of the Venezuelan brother Alex Saab”, expressed the spokeswoman of the government and Vice President of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo.

United States and complicity

Alex Saab, who is accused by the government of the United States of crimes that were allegedly committed; and which his lawyers, the international community, other governments and organizations have labeled as illegal. In view of the fact that the detention of the diplomat in Cape Verde has been an outrage, all this, with the purpose of extraditing him to the United States, in relation to the persecution of the government of Joe Biden against Venezuela.

The plan is still underway, Alex Nain Saab,  was presented before a Federal Court of the Southern District of Florida; last Monday, October 18. In addition, with a second hearing scheduled for the first day of November; with the intention of putting an end to the plan.

Nicaragua’s Statement

The Nicaraguan government said that Saab’s extradition is “a barbarism” that allegedly violates international law, thus joining the discourse of President Nicolás Maduro, who has not hesitated to censure the extradition of the diplomat.

Murillo, sanctioned by the United States since 2018 under alleged accusations of human rights violations, gave the statements on the official television station where she appears daily.

She also took the opportunity, as usual, to lash out against the United States, branding them “imperialists” and “enemies of humanity”.

“They, the imperialists of the Earth, the Yankees, enemies of humanity, believe that we are going to get used to it, we will never get used to it, we will always fight and we will always win,” Murillo said.