After more than 400 days of illegal detention, the hearing of Ambassador Alex Saab was held today at the Constitutional Court of Cape Verde, where a decision on the extradition request by the United States was expected to be made.

The support and the cry for justice for Ambassador Alex Saab was strongly heard outside the court; while the hearing was taking place, a group of people protested in the vicinity of the Constitutional Court, in the city of Praia, demanding the release of Saab.

The people carried signs stating that they wanted justice in the case of the ambassador Alex Saab; demanding his immediate release and an end to the abuse against him and his family.

Alex Saab’s hearing in Cape Verde

The hearing was held in the Constitutional Court of Cape Verde, at around 8:10am Venezuelan time and would have lasted almost an hour; once finished no response was given to the defense of the ambassador Alex Saab, since they gave a period of seven days to know if the Cape Verdean justice approves or not his extradition to the United States.

Since his illegal detention last June 12, 2020, the Venezuelan Special Envoy Alex Saab; has been denied all his human rights, such as his diplomatic immunity.

Cape Verde is currently in international contempt for not recognizing international judgments such as the one made by ECOWAS, which issued a statement demanding the immediate release and full freedom to Alex Saab; and ordered to compensate the damages caused against the ambassador and consequently, against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

A second rejected sentence came from the court of Barlovento, which authorized the lodging of Saab’s sister in Cape Verde; to support the ambassador for his illegal imprisonment.

And the third one, a communication sent to the government of the African nation of Cape Verde, by the United Nations Organization (UN), ordering the suspension of any kind of extradition process of Alex Saab to the United States; by means of article 94 of the committee in force.