Through the hashtag #AlexSaabLaSerie8, the social network Twitter was overflowing with messages of solidarity with the Venezuelan ambassador; upon learning that the third chapter of the second season of Alex Saab La Serie is already available on its YouTube channel.

In this new chapter of the series on the Special Envoy, special emphasis is made on the vanguard that Washington has taken; in the aggressions against the ambassador, being his only “crime” to help the Venezuelan people; to counteract the inhuman unilateral coercive measures imposed by the U.S. government, with the acquisition of medicines, food and fuel.

This edition also reviews the actions of imperial agents such as Senator Marco Rubio, who has always been involved in the attacks against Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, even when he is accused of drug trafficking.

In addition, they mention one of the so-called “hawks of the North”, Eliott Abrams, who also led the maneuvers to execute the kidnapping of the Venezuelan ambassador, points out lawyer Indhriana Parada.

On his part, journalist Carlos Arellán recalled the sending of a US ship to the coasts of Cape Verde “to supposedly fight against international crime”, a fact criticized by the US media for representing a cost of more than 52 thousand dollars a day for maintenance, “and its main objective, according to what they (the media) say, would be to prevent the escape of the kidnapped Alex Saab“.

However, “Alex Saab from prison continues demonstrating what Latin Americans are made of, the fighters for freedom and sovereignty”, says journalist and writer Gipsy Gastello, rejecting the torture to which the ambassador has been subjected and the intimidations perpetrated against his defense team.