The Venezuelan president, during his annual balance sheet presentation held in the gardens of the Federal Legislative Palace, emphasized the agreements that he had with the United States and said:

“The persecutions and sanctions today with Joe Biden are worse. They kidnapped a Venezuelan diplomat one morning and took him to the United States”, said the Venezuelan President in relation to the case of Alex Saab.

Therefore, he mentioned again the possible resumption of the dialogue in Mexico with the Venezuelan opposition, which was suspended in October 2021, after the United States took Alex Saab to the U.S. territory.

“Do you know, Jorge Rodriguez, that the government of the United States, had committed with the opposition present in Mexico and they had assumed commitments with us to respect the diplomatic status of Alex Saab as a member of the Venezuelan delegation. There was an express agreement and there were tactical agreements in direct and indirect conversations”, stated Maduro.

On the other hand, the diplomat Alex Saab is awaiting his hearing on February 16 of this year, in order to put an end to this bitter process, and once and for all grant him his full freedom again.