The negotiation table that was installed in Mexico last year, the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, ratified that “there would have to be big changes in the matter that has to do with the kidnapping of Alex Saab“.

The President also reiterated, in an interview granted to the Spanish journalist Ignacio Ramonet, that the businessman Saab has diplomatic credentials and is innocent of the “thousand false elements” he is accused of.

Consequently, Maduro, assured that the US government “sabotaged” stabbed the dialogue in the back” with the extradition of Saab. 

“The dialogues were going very well, we were entering in depth on the reinstitutionality of the country, the economy, the sanctions and then the U.S. government makes an action that it knew was going to provoke the rupture of the dialogue. The opposition itself, its coordinator (Gerardo) Blyde, talked about it in Washington, with the State Department, and they gave him guarantees that they were not going to take Alex Saab, our diplomat, so that the dialogues would continue to be fruitful”, he affirmed.

The President also referred to the regional and municipal elections held last November 21 and commented that “they gave a sobering result”.

“The primaries left insurmountable wounds in the states and municipalities of the country that were worked by the opposition, which made the battle harder for us. In spite of this we won 65% of the mayoralties and 80% of the governorships”, indicated Nicolás Maduro

In his opinion, it was the effects of the economic sanctions which generated uneasiness in part of the population and this explains the victory of the opposition in some entities.

The ruler explained that the economic improvement registered in the country is due to a set of measures among which he highlights: the repeal of the law of illicit foreign exchange “to facilitate the circulation of the currency”, the replacement of the price control scheme by a scheme of agreed prices, the reforms in tax matters and the reduction of the fiscal deficit.

“The economic sanctions made Venezuela lose 99 % of its income, we went from having 54 billion dollars, in one year, to 600 million dollars due to the persecution against oil, the seizure of bank accounts and assets such as Citgo and Monomeros, that had an impact on the capacity of the State to regulate the foreign exchange market and on the hyperinflation that was positioned in Venezuela”, he expressed.