The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, this Sunday participated in the regional elections and asserted that his administration will resume the dialogue with the opposition when “conditions exist”; likewise, he denounced that the United States “stabbed the dialogue table in the back” due to the detention of Alex Saab.

“They kidnapped him in Cape Verde and he knew the consequences. It was the U.S. government that stabbed the dialogue between the Bolivarian Government and the opposition in the back”, he expressed.

Recalling that Alex Saab, was kidnapped in the Island of Salt, Cape Verde, last June 12, 2020; therefore, the attempts to release him by his defense, the U.S. urged to get the extradition of the diplomat this year 2021; which was a fact where all diplomatic rights have been violated to the also businessman, so the government of Venezuela, has catalogued as a second kidnapping, by the United States.

The Venezuelan President spoke about the participation of the European Union as an international observer, Maduro emphasized that for his government “the mission is just one more oversight, all of them must respect the laws of Venezuela, the Constitution and strictly the regulations of the Electoral Power”.

Furthermore, as in his previous statement, he urged the collaborators to “have the humility of other observers. Up to this day they have behaved up to the mark. I hope it will be like that until the end of their oversight”.

On his part, Nicolás Maduro, took advantage of the occasion to highlight the electoral accompaniment of the other organizations; which in his opinion, “is a good sign of the interest there is in the world for the 29th elections”.

Finally, he emphasized that the Venezuelan electoral system “was built over two decades and perfected with the passage of time, thanks to the help of new technologies”.

In addition, he emphasized that last year there was a “terrorist attack” that burned all the voting tables; which forced the Electoral Power to start installing new and much more advanced machines.