In the midst of the sanctions imposed by the United States, an infinite number of actions have been taken against Venezuela, one of them being the persecution, kidnapping and torture of Alex Saab, therefore Nicolás Maduro has expressed that the diplomat is a “simple and straightforward” man that the only thing he did was to help Venezuela.

Since the arbitrary detention in Cape Verde, the countries of the world continue to raise their voices; therefore, they have activated solidarity with Special Envoy Alex Saab.

It should be recalled that Alex Nain Saab was illegally detained in Cape Verde, in June 2020, and in October 2021, the extradition became a second kidnapping, orchestrated by the United States.

However, the cry in favor of the Venezuelan businessman and diplomat, Alex Saab, continues to be heard to the four winds. Therefore, a sample of this was the call for a rally in Miami, where the members of the Bolivarian Circle “Negra Hipolita” who live in the U.S. city gathered in order to reject all the illegal actions that have been taken since June 12, 2020 against the Venezuelan ambassador.

Rejection of the illegal actions of the United States

In a broadcast on VTV channel President Nicolás Maduro expressed his rejection of the illegal actions of the United States against Ambassador Alex Saab.

“Saab is a Venezuelan diplomat who is kidnapped in US jails. The book of ‘The letters of Alex Saab since his kidnapping in Cape Verde’, I read it with Cilia and we were moved, he is a simple and straightforward man that what he did was to help Venezuela. For helping Venezuela he was persecuted, kidnapped and tortured. Now they have him in the jails of the American empire, isolated from his family, kidnapped in the USA. They fabricate witnesses, testimonies, false evidence, as they have done with Saab. They brought 8 charges against him and have had to drop 7 of them. They have invented charges against us”, affirmed President Maduro during the inauguration of the 17th International Book Fair.

He also added that “I am a persecuted person of judicial imperialism. They have accused us and seek to turn us into persecuted people in the world and promote trials. They seek to turn the victimizers and murderers of the guarimbas in Venezuela into victims and judges, but from the US they have not been able to defeat us and never will be able to. They seek to present the victim as the victimizer in the world”.