From the beginning of his life, in his hometown Barranquilla, Alex Saab learned from his family’s example, how important hard work is to obtain great results; which allowed him to create new goals and bring social welfare to his community. But who is Alex Saab, how has he achieved his business goals, and why is he being held hostage in Cape Verde?

The businessman Alex Nain Saab Moran, was born in Barranquilla in the Atlántico district of the Republic of Colombia, on December 21, 1971. He is the son of another businessman, Luis Saab Rada and Doña Rosa Maria Moran and brother of Amir Luis Saab Moran and Luis Alberto Saab Moran, Katya Saab Moran.

Alex Saab’s immediate family consists of his wife Camila Fabri and his five children, Shadi Saab , Isham Ali Saab , Jad Saab , Mariam Rose Saab Fabri and Charlotte Saab Fabri.

Alex saab family

Alex Saab, took his first steps as an independent entrepreneur in Colombia, when he founded at the age of 18 the advertising company Big Plus with which he served the major brands in the country selling from promotional key chains to the most innovative advertising campaigns.

Simultaneously, he started making work uniforms, which he managed to sell in 450 Exón stations in Colombia and 22 other countries for 4 years; until he sold his company, which had already reached a great potential.

Firm step for his internationalization in the Textile world.

After his national recognition, Alex Saab acquired the Textile production center of the Vivero chain in his native Barranquilla and became the main clothing manufacturer in Colombia at national and export level designing and producing 6,000,000 garments per year in all categories and exporting to many countries.

He acquired the Jeans Wear clothing chain with 90 stores in Colombia and the franchise of the Clarks shoe brand for Colombia; opening 20 new stores in the country.

Since he was 22 years old, he participated as an investor in different construction projects in Colombia, more than 500 apartments and shopping centers.

All his businesses in Colombia were sold or liquidated in 2006, since he had been living most of the time in Caracas since 2000, the city that welcomed him and made him a citizen.

New projects in the world of construction

Thanks to the success of his companies, he obtained a new victory, the franchise of one of the most modern construction systems of Italian origin; where he developed first as a private company and then, due to the success and his great persistence, in 2011 he signed an agreement for the construction of a housing panel factory with President Hugo Chávez.

This factory was inaugurated in 2013, with 100% private capital and placed at the orders of the housing mission with which President Chavez managed to build 3 and a half million houses during his mandate and which have continued to be built now under the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Today, after 30 years of hard work and diversification, its companies generate around 100,000 jobs around the world, mainly in Venezuela in the areas of food, medicine, construction, mining, supermarkets, among others.

veenzuelan embassador alex saab

International recognition

On April 9, 2018, he was appointed Special Envoy with diplomatic immunity by President Nicolás Maduro; to carry out government-to-government operations with the countries of Iran, Turkey and Russia mainly, to combat the inhumane blockade of the United States to Venezuela that sought to suffocate the country.

In December 2020, Nicolás Maduro was appointed President of Venezuela as Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Venezuela to the African Union.

Political persecution by the U.S. Government

As a Venezuelan ambassador, Alex Saab has supplied basic foodstuffs and medicines with the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP); to meet the needs of social welfare programs in Venezuela.

Not a month had passed, since the launching of the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP); when a campaign to discredit the program was started by the US; which was labeled as unconstitutional.

Since 2015, after a communiqué from Barack Obama’s administration; Venezuela was declared an unusual and extraordinary threat to its national security; through executive order 13,692.

This order was extended by Donald Trump in 2016, and finally by the newly elected president, Joe Biden in 2021.

However, in 2017, the discourse against the CLAPs increased, but now directly associated to the figure of businessman Alex Saab; due to his relationship as a food supplier contracted by the National Government, accusing him of purchasing overpriced products, and of poor quality.

In addition, other accusations against Alex Saab and the CLAP were added without evidence by the U.S., which led to his illegal detention in the African country of Cape Verde.

This political persecution on the part of the United States has nothing to do with the food issue; obviously they chose Alex Saab, a businessman, polyglot, with an IQ of 162, revolutionary, who generates some 100,000 jobs in six countries, mainly Venezuela; who risked his personal wealth in the most difficult moment of the inhuman blockade of the United States and exposed himself and his family to be sanctioned, as eventually happened in 2019, when in the month of July, the United States sanctioned not only him but also his almost minor children who were still in University and all his companies, simply for serving a country they hate for being socialist and investing its resources in the people and not giving them to the pockets of the traditional oligarchy and much less to foreign countries like the United States.

That same day and clearly showing that it was a political persecution, he was accused of money laundering without any proof.

An investigation requested by the United States to Switzerland and that would have lasted three years, concluded about 3 months ago with the result of not having found a single payment received or made by the businessman, nor any of his companies that gave the slightest indication of money laundering or front man, reason why Switzerland closed the investigation and notified the whole world.

alex saab support in venezuela

Illegal Detention of Alex Saab in Cape Verde

On June 12, 2020, Special Envoy with sovereign immunity Alex Saab and ambassador to the African Union, was on a humanitarian mission to the Islamic Republic of Iran and was forced to stop in Cape Verde to refuel, after that country authorizes him to land.

Cape Verdean police in the form of Natalino Correia entered the plane, forced Alex Saab off the plane, made him buy an entry visa and took him to solitary confinement.

Ambassador Alex Saab announced his diplomatic status and offered to show the documents, which he carried in a small briefcase, proving his diplomatic status and confirming that he was on Special Mission, but the Cape Verdean policeman refused to listen or even to examine the documents.

From that moment began his great nightmare and that of an entire country demanding his freedom.

He was physically tortured on four occasions to force him to sign his extradition voluntarily as they never imagined his strength and capacity of resistance to not bow down to the Empire and refused to make false statements against his government.

Despite being a cancer survivor, he has been denied access to specialized doctors since his arrest; he was kept in the dark for eight months partially losing his sight and denigrated in almost every possible way.

alex saab children

International support #FreeAlexSaab.

#FreeAlexSaab has been the phrase of support to the ambassador Alex Saab at international level, brother countries such as Iran, Russia and organizations such as ECOWAS and the UN; have rejected and sent communiqués and sentences in favor of the Venezuelan ambassador, where he demands the African country of Cape Verde to stop the existing extradition process in the case of Alex Saab.

By means of a communication sent to the government of the African nation of Cape Verde, the UN ordered to suspend any type of extradition process of Alex Saab to the United States; by means of article 94 of the current committee.

Below is the communiqué sent by the UN to Cape Verde where it orders to suspend the extradition of Venezuelan ambassador Alex Saab, illegally detained in the African island.

Diplomatic immunity violated by Cape Verde

Respect for the rule of immunity and inviolability of ambassadors, special envoys and diplomats is part of these long-established and accepted norms and is today rejected by Cape Verde.

According to the legal term “diplomatic immunity” refers to the waiver of penalties and includes the right of diplomats and their families not to be called to trial or compelled to testify in a foreign country. Diplomats therefore have immunity from criminal jurisdiction, i.e. they cannot be held liable for criminal acts or be arrested.

From a legal and Diplomatic Immunities Act point of view, the arrest of Alex Saab is a textbook case illustrating a flagrant violation of international law. As far as special envoys are concerned, the 1969 Convention on Special Missions may be a useful reference insofar as it codifies and reflects customary law; indeed, in judgments Cape Verdean judges have referred to it and applied it even though Cape Verde has not ratified it.

The case of the special envoy and deputy ambassador of Venezuela to the African Union, Alex Saab, is illegal, it is a kidnapping.  The reality of this case is the political persecution of a personality who supports the government of Venezuela and the use of power by the United States against a country like Cape Verde, creating a “partnership” between equals to achieve its objectives.

As if that were not enough, Cape Verde has become a country that defies the United Nations, the binding decisions of the ECOWAS Court of Justice and the African Union, something that any civilized nation knows demands respect.


Alex Saab