The American host Lee Camp, made clear in his program Redacted Tonight, the real reasons for the kidnapping of the Venezuelan ambassador Alex Saab; after one year of his imprisonment in Cape Verde.

Lee Camp in his program broadcasted on RT talked about the first anniversary of the kidnapping of the United States; Venezuela’s special envoy to the African Union, Alex Saab.

Camp claimed that Saab was refueling in Cape Verde on his way to secure a deal for Venezuela’s food program when he was arrested by Interpol on unfounded allegations of money laundering.

“a year ago, Saab’s flight was refueling in the African country of Cape Verde, when he was on a humanitarian mission; flying from Caracas to Iran, to purchase food and gasoline for Venezuela’s CLAP food assistance program” indicated Camp

Lee Camp and the truth about Alex Saab’s Case

One year after the kidnapping of Venezuelan ambassador Alex Saab, U.S. host Lee Camp dedicated a space in his show Redacted Tonight to talk about the ambassador’s case and the actions taken by his government.

“The U.S. government has just celebrated one year since the kidnapping and imprisonment of Alex Saab, Venezuela’s Special Envoy, Ambassador to the African Union,” said Camp in his program.

Camp referred to the U.S. government as selfish, for having a contradictory judicial process, by imprisoning people who feed and help those most in need.

“We arrest people for feeding the hungry and then put them in prison.”

He also highlighted the importance of his government in the case of Alex Saab, leaving aside serious problems for his country; such as the case of the security of its inhabitants.

“Alex Saab has been detained in an African prison for a year, tortured, so that the United States can try to crush a country it does not like” Camp highlighted.

To conclude, he added that his country condemns the ambassador for money laundering, without any evidence; since the Swiss government investigated these accusations and found no proof.

“According to the United States, Saab’s crime was money laundering, Saab carried out a perfectly legal international trade; therefore, helping Venezuelans to evade economic sanctions is money laundering.”

Below is the full video of the Redacted Tonight program, hosted by Lee Camp.