After learning that the Venezuelan government will incorporate Ambassador Alex Saab to the dialogue in Mexico, Venezuelan lawyer Indhriana Parada described such incorporation as positive on Wednesday.

“We strongly support the decision of the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela”, said Parada in an exclusive interview for Unión Radio, regarding the inclusion of the ambassador to the days of reunion and national reconciliation that are taking place in Mexico, with the mediation of the Kingdom of Norway, where the main issue is the cessation of the imperial blockade that affects the entire Venezuelan population.

In this sense, he indicated that Saab is the right person to attest to the devastating effect of the unilateral coercive measures because he is a direct victim of these criminal actions. “It is for trying to evade these measures that he has been persecuted”, he emphasized.

Incorporation of Alex Saab in the dialogue in Mexico.

He recalled that the Venezuelan ambassador Alex Nain Saab Moran remains kidnapped in Cape Verde and has been recognized as a “political prisoner” and “prisoner of war”, by the Government of the Russian Federation, a country that has expressed its complete rejection to the actions promoted by the US imperialism against the Venezuelan special envoy to Iran, also expressing its unrestricted support to the Government of President Nicolás Maduro.

Alex Saab is a diplomat who was duly accredited by the Government of Venezuela in exercise of its sovereignty (…) The whole process is flawed, first of all because we are talking about a diplomat but also a person who was arrested without an arrest warrant,” the jurist reviewed.

“We have joined voices both nationally and internationally (…) We have organized ourselves to raise the denunciation and to take, even to international instances, all the illegality and arbitrariness that is being experienced at this moment with him, not only for being a Venezuelan diplomat, but for being a person whose due process, human rights and all that is international law are being violated”, highlighted the lawyer.

Parada pointed out that the campaign of solidarity with the Venezuelan ambassador has mobilized the people of Cape Verde itself, who view with concern the actions of their government, which has set dangerous precedents for international and diplomatic relations.