The defense of Alex Saab in the United States, David Rivkin, maintains his position that as a diplomat, he cannot be tried. Therefore, in the midst of the accusations against him, David Rivkin, explained to the Colombian magazine Semana, the defense strategies and was confident that Saab will regain his freedom very soon. 

“It is a very important case not only for Saab and for Venezuela, country of which he was a Special Envoy to Iran. It is important for the viability of the international system, which depends on the free opportunity of sovereign states to engage in diplomacy, which requires absolute inviolability of ambassadors and special envoys. We hope to have good results in the recognition of Alex Saab’s diplomatic immunity and his immediate release”, he declared when consulted about the defense strategy.

For his part, Rivkin, Alex Saab‘s defense lawyer in the United States, recalled that his client was appointed as Venezuela’s Special Envoy to Iran; with the purpose of carrying out humanitarian missions, in such sense, the diplomat had traveled to that country in the same capacity of “special envoy” long before being illegally detained in Cape Verde. 

“Individuals such as Saab, Special Envoys, are absolutely immune to any kind of coercion, whether in the context of a civil or criminal proceeding. He cannot be arrested, charged, extradited or prosecuted. They cannot be punished in any way. This is called absolute diplomatic immunity,” he argued.

Diplomatic immunity

David Rivkin was emphatic in insisting that the political issue and the link between Alex Saab and the government of Nicolás Maduro must be separated, assuring that he is not aware of the cases of narco-terrorism, corruption and drug trafficking that weigh on the Venezuelan State.

For his part, the jurist assures that “the diplomatic status grants him (Saab) absolute inviolability before any form of prosecution or civil or criminal process”.

“This is essential. If the United States violates the diplomatic immunity of ambassadors and special envoys of other countries, I guarantee you that someone will do the same to U.S. diplomats.” David Rivkin, defense attorney for Ambassador Alex Saab in the United States.