In view of the request filed today by prosecutor Kurt Lunkenheimer, who asked the Miami Court to drop seven charges against the diplomat, Judge Robert N. Scola Jr. agreed to drop 7 of the 8 charges against Alex Saab.

This request was made this Monday morning, before what was supposed to be Alex Saab’s second hearing in the United States.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office requested the dismissal of 7 of the 8 charges against the Colombian-Venezuelan businessman Alex Nain Saab; therefore, most of the charges are dropped, except for the money laundering conspiracy. In his brief, the prosecutor stated that this request was due to the fulfillment of the “guarantees” agreed between the governments of the United States and Cape Verde while his extradition to the United States was being processed, which became effective on November 16.

Other requests

Judge Joh O’Sullivan, who presided over the first hearing, warned last October 18 of the prohibition to record audio or video of the hearings, as well as their publication.

In this regard, attorney Bell asked the court to control and investigate the “illegal publication” of this material in which Saab is seen dressed as a prisoner and appearing from his cell on October 18.

According to court documents, the Prosecutor’s Office will rule on this defense request on November 9, after which the judge will make a decision.

Meanwhile, his lawyers in Cape Verde insisted this weekend that the Colombian-Venezuelan businessman’s diplomatic immunity was violated.

“Despite being duly informed of Alex Saab’s diplomatic status, and despite protests from several states (including Venezuela, Iran and Russia), the United States refused to withdraw its extradition request,” Nigerian lawyer Femi Falana said in a statement.