In a press conference held this Tuesday, Cape Verdean Prosecutor José Luis Landim; made very clear his disagreement with the request sent by the United Nations Committee to stop the extradition process of Venezuelan Ambassador Alex Saab.

Let us recall that a few days ago the UN Human Rights Committee requested to temporarily stop the extradition of Ambassador Alex Saab to the United States.

Therefore, the Prosecutor of Cape Verde, José Luis Landim, assured that this organism “does not have competence to suspend the judicial process in course against Álex Saab, requested in extradition by the U.S. for money laundering”.

Landim added that “if there is a denunciation of human rights violations, what (the committee) has to do is to investigate”.

José Luis Landim: The request in the case of Alex Saab is “strange”.

After the different allegations made by the defense of the Special Envoy to Iran and Russia Alex Saab; the UN Human Rights Committee sent a two-page letter where it states, as a provisional or temporary measure “in accordance with article 94 of the Committee’s rules of procedure, to refrain from extraditing Mr. Alex Naim Saab Moran to the United States of America while his case is being examined by the Committee or until further notice”.

This action would prevent the fulfillment of the extradition request made by the United States since 2019; so the government of Cape Verde distanced this possibility and left without effect such request.

“We have already expressed this position in the process, which is surrounded by much, much press, much false news (…). We always try to intervene in the case and make it clear that there are no legal grounds to suspend this process”, said the Cape Verdean prosecutor.

Cape Verde without law

The last word on the extradition must be taken by the government of Cape Verde, which has detained the ambassador Alex Saab in prison, and was about to send him to the United States, breaking all the laws of the African country and the international agreements they currently have.

However, the defense of the businessman considers that the decision, taken by the UN Human Rights Committee, is binding, so it would be mandatory to comply with it.

However, upon learning of the decision of the UN Human Rights Committee, Saab’s lawyer, Baltazar Garzón, said: “Since the beginning of this procedure we have highlighted the lack of legal basis of this extradition, and that the claim against Álex Saab is due to a political persecution and an attempt to force a ‘collaboration’ against political leaders in Venezuela”.