In an interview Femi Falana, Alex Saab’s lawyer, offered to Red Line Hot, hosted by Anya Parampil; tells the story of the detention of the Venezuelan ambassador , and furthermore, explains why he is illegally detained, according to international laws.

During the interview, Anya Parampil, tells us a brief summary of the positive actions in relation to the diplomatic work that Alex Saab was doing for Venezuela. She also gives a brief description of who Saab is and how he was arrested.

This is part of the interview with Femi Falana, Alex Saab’s defense lawyer.

Who is Alex Saab and why is he currently detained?

Alex Saab is a Colombian and also venezuelan. He holds a double nationality of Colombia and Venezuela.

He is businessman, as well as a special envoy of the government of Venezuela.

He is currently detained in Cape Verde Illegally.

I said ilegally, in the sense that he was on a humanitarian mission to Iran when his plane had to for refueling in Cape Verde.

So in June last year, on June 12th he was arrested. Notwithstanding his diplomatic status.

Well, from the facts and circumstances of the arrest it has been established; now that he was arrested before the receipt of the Red Noticie by the police in Cape Verde.

To that extent his arrest is clearly illegal. Under domestic law in Cape Verde as well as under international law.

Law the red notice actually came after his arrest?

Interpol, the Red Notice arrived after his arrest. Cape Verde is saying that Mr. Saab was arrested at 9:30 P.M. and The Red Notice arrived at 9:37 P.M.

Anya Parampil: How is that posible?

That’s rigth. That is why I said the detention, the arrest is illegal. Yeah, the arrest and detention are illegal.

Because an arrest can not proceed, without the receipt of a Red Notice.

Why would Cape Verde have carried  out this arrest without a warrant?

Cape Verde was acting on the orders of the United States Government. And so they were simply trying to work to the answer.

After the arrest, youknow they were now looking for the Red Notice to justify the arrest.

And that was what happened.

The United states government had already through a court in Florida issued a warrant for his arrest.

As far as international law is concerned, and as far as the domestic law of Cape Verde is concerned, you cannot be arrested on the basis of a warrant issued by any country, unless there is another in a local court.

So you know, anny order for arrest made outside Cape Verde. Would have to be registered in that country.

In this instance, since it was Interpol making the arrest. The would have to launch a warrant of Red Noticie.

The warrant of the Red Noticie in that country before an arrest can take place.

In this case, that was not what happened.

What is the current status of mr. Saab case? i know the United States is attempting to extradite him.

The United Stated government has made a request to Cape Verde for the extradition of Mr. Alex Saab.

Under international law, what is going on? It is a case of illegality on the part of the United Satates of America.

This is aggression at its best, because there is no extradition treaty between the United States of America and Cape Verde.

Unless Cape Verde is a banana Republic it cannot allow the United Satates government, to orden the detention of an envoy who was on a humanitarian mission.

And we are impressing on Cape Verde the need to assert its sovereignty, its authority by telling the United States of America, that there is no extradition treaty between us.

Even with respect to the United Nations Convention Against Organized Crime, that the US gov. is relying on.

Of course, the United States and Cape Verde are signatories to the convention, but the United Satates government as usual decided to subject the application of that law to his own domestic law.

And under domestic law, the United States government cannot ask for the extradition of anybody unless, there is an extradition treaty between the United States government and a foreign country.

In this case, there is no extradition treaty up to now between the United States of America and Cape Verde.

Again, to that extent, the extradition proceeding is clearly and totally illegal.

What is Mr. Saab current health condition and how has he been treated while in detention i know he’s actually a cancer patient

His conditions have been very terrible as I’ve been saying, it is illegal to arrest and detain an envoy.

Its against International law, it has totally violated several provisions of the Vienna Convention.

So that’s number one. Number two: he has been treated in a very troubling way. His conditions are dehumanizing, he is denied access to his lawyers, he is denied access to his family.

So in a way, he is being kept substantially incommunicado. His doctors are not allowed to visit him and examine him.

The ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) court, which is a regional court, ordered that he be detained under house arrest, but that order was made on December 2nd last year.

The order was not complied with until January this year and that was when Cape Verde calimed to be complying, with the order of its own court.

Secondly, since the 15th of March this year the ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) court has declared the arrest and detention of Mr Alex Saab illegal, annulled the extradition proceedings and directed Cape Verde to pay him $200,000 in damages as compensation for the violations of his human rights.

These orders have not been complied with by Cape Verde with the connivance off the USA.

Finally, this is part of Femi Falana’s interview with Red Line hot, conducted by Anya Parampil, here is the full video.