Camilla Fabri, wife of Alex Saab in an exclusive interview with Almayadeen, assured that her husband was kidnapped by US orders.

Once again, the wife of the Venezuelan diplomat, Alex Saab, has denounced that he has been kidnapped in Cape Verde, by orders of the United States.

In the middle of an exclusive interview with the Lebanese media Almayadeen, she offered details about the illegal kidnapping of her husband, also a businessman, Alex Saab.

It is to be presumed that the United States in conspiracy with Cape Verde, achieved such a vile act against human and international rights; thus violating the diplomatic laws that must allow the free movement of persons with diplomatic positions.

Likewise, Camilla Fabri, detailed that since June 2020, Alex Saab was kidnapped by Cape Verde under the orders of the United States; in addition, she denounced that he suffered several tortures in Cape Verde and many injustices during his kidnapping.

He also stated that the Venezuelan diplomat “did not have access to his family, was deprived of medical treatment, regardless of the fact that he is a cancer survivor. He spent 7 months in a prison in San Vicente and between San Vicente and another island called Sal. In that time he was 7 months locked up and lying on the floor of the jail where he was tortured.”

For her part, in the middle of the interview, Alex Saab’s wife, Camilla Fabri, explained that they broke 3 of his teeth, cut his veins, he suffered several tortures; and after these 7 months he was put under house arrest which was not a real house arrest.

Consequently, Camilla Fabri recalls that he was surrounded by hundreds of police officers night and day and suffered several psychological tortures. Moreover, he was never given access to the door of the house where he was being held.